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tavis: good evening from los angeles. tonight come a conversation with grammy-winning singer steve gyro -- steve tyrell. the songs of semicon. he will perform two of the most endearing. glad you have joined us, conversation from steve tyrell coming up right now. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: grammy winner steve tyrell is introduction to popular moves -- popular music started at age 19. burts already working with bacharach. he went on to work with bonnie raitt before striking out as a performer in his own right. his latest cd is called "it's magic, the songs of semicon. kohn."ammy a little sneak review you did to this before the record even drive. >> last year. it was this semi-con -- it was the sammy kohn centennial. he was a great writer. nominatedll, he was 27 times for the academy awards, which is unbelievable. people wouldthat ask him what comes first, the music or the lyrics? he would say the phone call. [laughter] that is where he got his inspiration. five golden globes, just an amazing lyricist. year.xtending that this i
steve gyro -- steve tyrell. the songs of sicon. he will perform two of the most endearing. glad you have joined us, conversation from steve tyrell coming up right now. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: grammy winner steve tyrell is introduction to popular moves -- popular music started at age 19. burts already working with bacharach. he went on to work with bonnie raitt before striking out as a performer in his own right. his latest cd is called "it's magic, the songs of semicon. kohn."ammy a little sneak review you did to this before the record even drive. >> last year. it was this semi-con -- it was the sammy kohn centennial. he was a great writer. nominatedll, he was 27 times for the academy awards, which is unbelievable. people wouldthat ask him what comes first, the music or the lyrics? he would say the phone call. [laughter] that is where he got his inspiration. five golden globes, just an amazing lyricist. year.xtending that this i am about to start my ninth year at the cafÉ carlyle. last year, i did sammy's theme all year. willl
by steve anderson executive director of open media to time out just how that power in canada is being exercised and one two weeks i got in the weeks i first asked him to tell us about how the canadian and american security agencies share that information with one another. you know that you can do us part it was called by its network in asia today secretive below we do know is that several countries that this bias several countries cleanest in the uk new zealand canada the us. they all share information with each other and we know that for example australia. the news but then the state to the eastern side notice that certain individuals. we know there's a lot of other cooperation between canada and the us than any other countries and of course i information collected is then shared with other agencies like the ci day. do the two countries work together and actually did he mean us or canadian citizen and the bronze. well i needed a division in the book that the nsa and the game at the eight candidates he said. both these agencies are really their secretive. they're expensive and below w
. >> this is a loop a 208, it is moving a -- 280, it is moving along nicely, here is steve. >>> we have some parts of the coast, mainly point rays north, we have an easterly breeze in place, a lot of 50s near the coast and bay, the remains of hernando and we recurbed but it is not much to change it but it is something and it looks pretty good for us unfortunately it will -- unfortunately it will sit there except spin a few high clouds except right there and we will be much he will -- cooler favoring the area, we will go 66 for a high and livermore and still, and. other than that, we have a couple of others, 41 in ukiah, 64 down in los angeles, overall is very quiet pattern and turning much, much system, oop and it's not really cold, coal but it is notice -- noticeably cooler. >>> 71 in brentwood, 71 in haywood, 74 morgan hill to gilroy, 72 from santa cruz to santa clara and on the peninsular, redwood city, 60s on the coast and upper 60s around san bruno and brisbane. cooler and colder friday night into saturday and a cold saturday morning and it will be sunny and dryer into next weeks. >>> the car
't noticed that. the governor in that state, steve beshear, has been very brave and very conscience in making those exchanges work. he's not playing to the politics of the state. and suddenly, people all over kentucky who probably never even thought of voting for barack obama, are signing up for obama care. >> krystal ball and professor bob shrum, thank you for joining us. coming up, a new school of thought. the president's vision for universal pre-k begins to take shape. next. ♪ [ woman 1 ] why do i cook? to share with family. [ woman 2 ] to carry on traditions. [ woman 3 ] to come together even when we're apart. [ male announcer ] in stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and more, swanson makes holiday dishes delicious. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... [ man ] hey, brad, want to trade the all-day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. no. humans -- even when we cross our "t's" and dot our "i's," we still run into problems. that's why liberty mut
, steve dixon, and jack hirsch man. >> you can black as out of the press, blog and arrest us, tear gas, mace, and shoot us, as we know very well, you will, but this time we're not turning back. we know you are finished. desperate, near the end. hysterical in your flabbergastlyness. amen. >> after the readings, the crowd headed to a reception upstairs by wandering through the other gallery rooms in the historic home. the third floor is not usually reserved for just parties, however. it is the stage for live performances. ♪ under the guidance of musical curators, these three, meridian has maintained a strong commitment to new music, compositions that are innovative, experimental, and sometimes challenging. sound art is an artistic and event that usually receives short shrift from most galleries because san francisco is musicians have responded by showing strong support for the programming. ♪ looking into meridian's future, she says she wants to keep doing the same thing that she has been doing since 1989. to enlighten and disturbed. >> i really believe that all the arts have a seriou
recognition? . steve: for what purpose does the gentleman seek recognition? mr. mchenry: to address the house for one minute. steve: the gentleman is recognized. mr. mchenry: since the affordable care act was introduced president obama claimed time and time again, if you like your insurance can you keep it. over the last six weeks i have heard from numerous constituents across western north carolina that that was not what they were experiencing. unfortunately they had canceled policies because of oo obamacare. steve, pastor in hickory, received notice husband plan with a premium of $695 is being canceled. his new plan's premium, $1,500? marcia in claire month had her current plan cancel. the replacement was 1 3% more in cost. milton a retiree from denver had his policy canceled, the replacement, not only has high deductibles and co-pays, but also precludes him from seeing his curn doctor? i heard from terry a self-employed woman whose premiums were $359 a month until obamacare canceled these plans and her new premium is $759 a month. i ask my colleagues on the other side of the aisle to join
into san francisco. 580 traffic looks good over the hill into caster valley, let's go to steve. >>> good morning, wow, i am off to a good start. fog on the coast but only on the snow what coast, -- sonoma coast. it will be warm for most because there is a little bit of fog right near the sonoma coast. we have clear skies and temperatures are much, much cooler and yesterday we had all 50s and it's 54 in it who -- tahoe. same for sacramento, there does our system and it is long gone except for a few high clouds. no high clouds, and a cooler morning, just a little bit more in the way of 30s and 40s and temperatures again are unseasonably warm, it is a very weak system, 60s on the coast, low 70s on the peninsular, it is as little cooler and much cooler breezy and temperatures will take a good plunge on friday and saturday. >>> we want to go back to the story we first told you about a power outage we saw at the casino. here is more on what shut the lights and angry reaction -- and angry reactions from gamblers this morning. >> reporter: yes you can see behind us, lights are back on and things
and make way for these great performances to come in 20 seconds here. the new project from steve tyrell is called "it's kohn."the songs of sammy i will see you in l.a. and i will see you at the carlisle in winter. tavis: from his new project, here is our friend steve tyrell performing "the tender trap" and "come fly with me." enjoy. as always, keep the faith. ♪ you see a pair of laughing eyes and suddenly you are signing ♪ you think there is something wrong ♪ you string along, board, then snap ♪ ghs ♪se eyes, those si ♪ their part of the tender trap ♪ ♪ your hand in hand beneath the trees ♪\ ♪ and soon there's music in the breeze ♪ your acting kind of smart ♪ ♪ until your heart goes wap ♪ those trees, that breeze ♪ they are part of the tender trap ♪ ♪ some starry night ♪ when her kisses make you tingle ♪ ♪ shall hold you tight ♪ and you'll hate yourself for being single ♪ ♪ and all at once it seems so nice ♪ ♪ the folks are throwing shoes and rice ♪ ♪ you hurry to a spot ♪ that's just a dot on the map ♪ ♪ >> be careful out the
their predictions for the holiday season. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, looking for the missing own. steve pease owns sammy's rockin' island bar and gril. een in >>> a restaurant in roseville has authorities looking for the missing owner. rocking island bar and grill, toner hasn't been seen in almost two weeks. his restaurant closed its doors leaving dozens without a job wasn't of those employees reported him missing on halloween, but two days later he was spotted at a hotel in fort braggg. neighboring business owners didn't find out he was missing until last sunday. >> it's very strange, yeah. nobody bothered to say anything until two and a half weeks later. >> roseville police say he was tracked to canada. authorities say there are inships of foul play, but there are still know answers of where he might be. >>> we are still more than two weeks away from thanksgiving, but many stores are already gearing up for the shopping center. we spoke with experts on whether it will be a good year for retailers and how shops are enticing people to buy. >> there is only 25 days this year between thanksgiving and chris
steve gyro -- steve tyrell. the songs of semicon. he will perform two of the most endearing. glad you have joined us, conversation from steve tyrell coming up right now. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: grammy winner steve tyrell is introduction to popular moves -- popular music started at age 19. burts already working with bacharach. he went on to work with bonnie raitt before striking out as a performer in his own right. his latest cd is called "it's magic, the songs of semicon. kohn."ammy a little sneak review you did to this before the record even drive. >> last year. it was this semi-con -- it was the sammy kohn centennial. he was a great writer. nominatedll, he was 27 times for the academy awards, which is unbelievable. people wouldthat ask him what comes first, the music or the lyrics? he would say the phone call. [laughter] that is where he got his inspiration. five golden globes, just an amazing lyricist. year.xtending that this i am about to start my ninth year at the cafÉ carlyle. last year, i did sammy's theme all year.
the weather and traffic. >>> steve? >> we have clear skies except for some fog mainly from about point reyes north where there's very thick fog. but south, things look good. we start out with clear skies. pacifica, clear 48. el granada, clear. maybe some fog. maybe you can look out and see it, but it's to the north again. sunny, warmer today. there is a slight component of an easterly breeze for most. it will be cooler and breezy as we wet to friday and saturday. but today and tomorrow, mostly sunny and warmer. more 40s than the mid- to upper 50s yesterday. we had cloud cover 24 hours ago. this morning, under clear skies except for some of that fog. we'll have a lot more 40s and 50s. it will be sunny and warmer for everybody today. maybe a few high clouds drifting by the north bay. it's a dry, stable pattern for a couple of days here. we'll see changes as we get a good low dropping in the east of us as we head toward friday and saturday. sunny and warmer. patchy fog near the coast. we'll have a warmer afternoon. temperatures with a few in the mid-70s. here's sal. >>> steve, good morning. we
economists and why are consumers still a little bit tentative about this economy? joining us now, steve moore, senior economics writer for "the wall street journal." economists aside, steve, we're not necessarily seeing consumers popping the champagne saying everything is great in this economy. why not? with that type of news, why not? >> let's start with the good news, jenna because this is my favorite story and a pro-america story of innovation and ingenuity. the fact that we have so dramatically increased our oil and natural gas output over the last few years and the fact that we are now, believe it or not, jenna, we're number one. we're the number one oil and gas producer in the world. who would have predicted that five or 10 or 20 years ago when people thought we were running out of this stuff. not a great story. we're not running out of it. we're running into it. jenna: let me ask you, steve. you've been out to the today -- dakotas, too look at this. our competitors, and when i say competitors, saudis, that this is boom and bust. it will go away soon. not just our oil markets but the st
was into moviemaking, cartoons. i really liked his cartoons. they had a warmth to them. i really liked him: steve smith. i said, "steve, you know, i've got this little thing i do "with these little slides. "i wonder maybe you could make up a little cartoon movie. we could make a movie of this and share it with more people." and at that time, he was working as a dishwasher down on telegraph avenue. and i said, "steve, quit the dishwashing. "i'll grubstake you. i'll get you groceries. "i'll feed you and i'll grubstake me. "maybe city college will let you use some of their equipment and we'll make a little animated movie." and he made an animated movie on everything that we-- would you like to see it? okay. roll it, lionel. we'll see it right here, gang. right here. ♪ where did the time go? ♪ does anybody, does anybody know? ♪ ♪ when did the day break? ♪ did someone drop it, was it a mistake? ♪ ♪ la, la, la, la la, la, la... did you know that time's different when you move at different speeds, that when you move through space, you change the rate at which you move into the future? well, you
steve jobs and it opens his biography. jobs profoundly changes tending starting with the other person communication what the ipad. his flip was in the technology of the humanity. he believed that simplicity and extraordinary customer he experience could go together. apple neat to control the elements of supply chance and as a cult they had to own the experience. when i read this book it resonated with me on so many levels. it's not because i owned one of the making tarnish i swear it's still out there operational. and in standing for the record university he encouraged the audience of graduates to follow their heart. i hit the campaign trail to elect a president that would make energy a national imperative. it touched me because it's the things we do at g s a everyday. just like apple products convey their products this building is no exception it has solar and open rabble windows and it reprents the history in this city. we use an integrated design approach in our project and we manage our building holistically. and indeed we help the workforce because their housed. and where else is
cook. >> it is already the middle of the week. we will check weather and traffic now. steve knows your forecast. >> we have mostly clear skies, a little bit of fog, maybe the marin coast is clear inland and we have sunny and warmer a few high clouds and today will be the warmer day as the we head toward friday and saturday. nights will be long but it is definitely cooler, there is a hint or two for patchy skies and in the city, yesterday's system pushes out a couple of high clouds and lots of sunshine today, warmer temperatures and just some patchy fog near the coast, it will be a cooler morning, temperatures a few mid-$70 here. antioch, it will be close to morgan hill. here is sal. >>> we are looking good around the roads if you are trying to get out there and it is a good time to do it and you can see we are getting out to the mcarthur maze with problems and it is not going to be like that for too long and you want to see the roads just like this when you roll up but there are no major problems driving on the freeways, san mateo bridge looks good, also northbound 880 is off to a good
so again today. thank you, madam speaker. steve: the gentleman yields back. the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas, mr. flores, for five minutes. mr. flores: madam speaker, i rise today to honor the 75th anniversary of the city of college station texas. college station has been and is the home to tens of thousands of texas families, students, businesses, and residents throughout the years. and i'm proud to offer my congratulations on this milestone. college station was an unincorporated community for over 60 years before officially being incorporated as a city on october 19, 1938. in 1869 the houston and texas central railway was built through the area and in 1871 college station was chosen as the location for what would eventually become one of the largest public universities in the nation, texas a&m university. the city got its name because the a&m campus was the focal point of community development at the time. in 1877 the area was designated college station, texas, by the postal service, deriving its name from the train station located to the west of the campus. since
is steve mcdonalds and -- frommen nearing. men men -- engineering if you can raise your hand. these talented individuals, if trisha can raise her hand. they are here to hear your comments firsthand. so not to put anybody on the spot, there is about 5-8 questions that will be helpful for you to weigh in as i did in policy related items to tea up things when we come to you in march, we are presenting you ideas that you care most about for our customers as well as for the stewardship of the commission. so, big picture. what has been accomplished so far is that we have worked with koirls since last january and nearly complete the cost of work and we want to get your input there. big picture here is we'll go through objectives required by the charter, some background timeline and what the key policy drivers maybe that you would want to weigh in on and then give you a brief view of what you are going to be seeing. as part of the rate study it allocates cost in our 10-year financial plan, our budget and all of our projections and will provide for you as policy makers as well as staf
to be a pg & e problem. is that correct? >> i can actually get back to you on that one. is steve here? so i will get back to you on that one. >> yes, ma'am. >> that's it. >> thank you, vice-president caen. >> i still don't have a grasp on it before we start the timeline that you made out if we can have a little bit more of a presentation on it, like what the parameters of revenue h versus revenue b bonds and what it can be for. i didn't really understand it and what does that really mean, is it just for infrastructure, programming. some of the other additional questions that it raised for me. i know that it's in the communications section right now, but i don't know if the next meeting or sometime before january if you can walk us through what it means so we can have more of an interaction and ask questions specifically on the implications. >> we'd be happy to do that. we'll coordinate with the general manager on the schedule and we'll look forward to that. >> anything else on communications? is there any public comment on item no. 5, communications? seeing none. public comment is now clo
for a conversation with steve tyrell. it is magic. he will also perform two songs. that is next time. we will see you then. ♪ >> and by contributions to your pbs stations by viewers like you. thank you. they're taking the sand from the bay and putting it back onto the beach. rich: the boaters don't like to have their propellers hit he ground. man:...the propellers off in the sand. they want it out of that. kevin: back in manasquan, we'll see our modular house assembled onsite. oh, i can't believe it. rich: can you just imagine the furniture in here? rita: it's more than i could ever expect. kevin: and we'll visit one of the most historic communities on the jersey shore. norm: oh, look at this! it's overwhelming. rich: the power of the water is just amazing, isn't it? kevin: what is this community's future? it'll be our house, just ten feet off the ground. norm: look at that. we don't want to go through this ever again. i'm going to rebuild my entire house. kevin: you sound optimistic, but this is not going to be easy. or, on the wall. ready? let's take off. the home depot is proud to support "this
to congress. it's a deep barrel. back to the hearing. you will hear from the main players and steve hayes next. bill: representative cummings will deliver his opening statement. we'll hear from todd park, henry chow. there is growing pressure by democrats to fix it. 5 million have been kicked off their insurance. how do you get it back. mike mccaul is also about to start a hearing on internet security. >> there are 500 bogus web sites, fake web sites that say it's obamacare but it's not. it's not these other web sites true to lure you in. bill: you say dissecting this law now or rebuilding it is like playing that jim ganga where you try to knock a piece out and make sure the pile doesn't fall down. >> this is the fundamental problem with what democrats are facing. you can't pull one little piece out and expect it to stand or pull one after another and try to rebuilt as it's currently structured. i think this is occurring to people and i think that's why you are seeing democrats having trouble defending the law. >> our brain room did some research this morning. this is what they
and steve grasso. david, everyone is talking about janet yellen and her testimony to the banking committee tomorrow as they begin the confirmation hearings for her fed chairmanship. what do you expect her to say? >> well, i expect her to say that she is data-dependent. i think these going to try to avoid getting labeled as a dove or hawk. i think she'll say she's essentially an academic by nature so she's going to look at the numbers and the numbers are going to govern fed policy. but i think there's a fundamental contradiction here. you can't say -- assure people rates will be low forever but then just say you're going to watch the data. in a way i think she'll build herself into a trap by which she'll be forced to gradually tighten as she's fed chair because of her data-dependency. >> so, steve grasso, what kind of a trade are you seeing ahead of what we learn from yellen and that testimony? how do you think the institutions react to it? >> i think we'll see more of what we have been seeing, sort of to david's point. i don't think she'll say anything different than chairman bernanke. you
as a triptick at auction. the price $142.4 million. no word on the seller or the buyer yet. word has it steve wynn might have been one of the bidders. the record for the most expensive work sold by a living artist also shattered last night, jeff koounz balloon dog went for $58 million sold by peter brant to a unknown buyer. here's a great view from inside what was a packed room last night. taken by one of our "power lunch" producers. you know, robert, you just got to wonder with numbers like that being bandied about, i mean we've talked before about whether or not the contemporary art market is in a bubble. what's your perspective on that? >> we've been talking about a bubble in the art market for at least four years and it goes higher. i think it's going to keep going higher not because of really the quality of art getting better but people, especially the wealthy, want a safe place to put their wealth so like many collectibles art is going to keep going up. >> that balloon dog may be great but it messes up the lawn. you have to clean it up after it. what about sotheby's they have an auction
it or hate isn't today's money talker. here, julie roginsky, steve moore and ari zolden. what do you guys think? all about the badges that you have wear arounn and go through security and they can tell when you're coming and leaving, at your desk, what do you think. julie what do you think. >> i george brownies in the green room. melissa: there is camera in there, they know about that. >> congratulations fox, i'm only one that eats it. i hate it. melissa: you hate this? >> i hate it. if you have to micromanage people why would, my whole thing is empower your employees. let them dot thing and if they stink get rid of them. why micromanage them. if you want to step up themselves get rid of them. >> i thought it funny on sec is supplying on employees. that is okay with me as long as they're not spying on me. melissa: first thing i thought are the sec is feeling about everyone. if they're spying on employees they're spying on everyone. without question, right? >> when you take the job you're under the rules of employer this seems to be going a bit too far, monitoring everyone of your phone ca
it leads. and steve hayes was on and say it is like playing a game of jinga. and what do you think? will the cancelled plans come back? >> send us a tweet at bill hemmer or me@alisyn camerota. >> we'll try to work our way through this. we'll be with you as we go hour by hour at times and the stories we pick up in the morning. >> and they just ended and so we have a lot of information. >> the white house hoping for a do over with a quarter of million of americans getting no where trying to sign up for federal insurance on the website, inviting them now to come back, will they? >> more fireworks on the botched roll out including one law maker trying to figure out who knew what and the website not ready for prime time. >> you got the fancy title and you are the chief information officer of the united states of america and you didn't know about this before the biggest domestic policy program website in the history of the country was launched and you didn't know about this? >>> we mentioned the hearings. they have wrapped up. ohio ran jordan gave them it. >> it is pretty plain language.
. i kind of bag. a friend steve negus term and lily pad. from that site consists of sense because they get to play my i can't go any further with one substance with the tune of another frightening. yes indeed can be a bad list. now mind you i actually decided to speak about this because although i do think it is the best. the drumstick is from. in terms of you know when your plane train around an experiment aimed at just one kiss know that you actually can become addicted to it and this is i use this sentiment but you can't and that's actually not true because i have been addicted to it and it's ultimately related to anxiety coping and it says a form of self medication. i was smoking up to fifteen to twenty marijuana cigarettes a day with tobacco. the twenty seven year old singer says she was using the dryer to deal with their busy schedule to cope with the pain of a hip injury that led to the cancellation of harder for four straight or gay guy to admit that she's enjoying the challenge of creating music without the help the new album art is available now. eye. i. next day the is
from the trumpeter steve is between two hundred and three hundred degrees celsius. while the water can be almost one thousand acres drives a turbine to generate electrical power. no fossil fuels even to the process doesn't produce cup and oaks in the gop that speaks geothermal promised to be an almost endless staples so on stephen contains mineral interests. like the corrosive to match. the first generation facilities to be replaced every fifteen years these were the first scientist. when developing my deeper roots and resistant to mexico qantas have been supplying electricity don't stop for last tuesday. thanks to its opponents geothermal to come. no produces about eighty percent will steal them gently to coat. japan currently has seventeen geothermal power plants with a total capacity of five hundred and forty megawatts the biggest of these aside to get melanoma in to cushion a prefect. this is that emi is sushi on a par with the sixty five megawatt hour passed. he provides all the electricity needed by around one hundred thousand ha. it's also entirely portsmouth. workers in the jun
not go any higher. >> reporter: among anxious americans watching stateside, steve and vicki kurzban of boulder, colorado saw their 18-year-old son simon on "world news." >> apparently 50 little kids got sucked away. >> reporter: a happy ending for one american family but for so many here who need so much and who are still five days in seeing so little aid get here, there is no end in sight. diane? >> thank you, terry. as you said need so much and there are so many ways to help these families in the philippines. we have listed many of the ways to help on our website. just go to >>> and important news now for airline travelers, a major merger is a step closer. the justice department gave the green light to usairways and american to join forces to become the largest airline in the world. it could happen by the end of the year. >>> and tonight a rough new poll number for the president. for the first time in his presidency, a majority of american voters, 52 percent in a new poll say president obama is not honest and trustworthy. one factor, the people who felt misled about g
. look who it is. it's steve and his son peter. wow! >> we profile in a great feature called families in the media. we're going to be talking with peter on later this morning. >> peter's going to be live at the white house. >> is that the first feature of you two? >> it's a great shot. >> first photo shot of the two of us, yes. it's the 35th anniversary of ad week and they're looking at families where the children have gone into the same business as some of the parents. along with us, the car menzons; bill bradley, ben bradley of the washington and hugh hefner. >> there's "duck dynasty" and you are fox dynasty. >> where do we pick that up? >> adweek. >> you have to go to the offices? >> it's that close. >> go to adweek. are you done with that? that's great. >> do you guys remember, speaking of hash tag, all the celebrities out there? we saw this all over twitter, a ton of celebrities getting out there to get people to sign up for obamacare. >> hash tag covered. >> they went over -- bigwig rob lowe said the country is losing personal responsibility. he's asking now, the sta
hood foundation, steve cohen released in the past before sac imploded, his investment ideas and ackerman coming out two fridays where he is going to update everybody on his famous purple shorts. he is apparently tweaking the presentation and the thing that has people concerned is he is going to try out some testimony from former disgruntled former employees or distributors to underscore his contention. lori: why faithfully at this point? >> it is of pyramid scheme. we should point out ackerman has lost five hundred million. tracy: update us on the loss. >> on the short. tracy: did i make you lose your train of thought? >> everything okay today? tracy: i am just interested in this topic. the stock price is active. >> i am moving the market and your interrupting me. tracy: i am being annoying. >> let me finish and you can ask any questions. $500 million, speeches next week. what did you say? tracy: now you want me to speak? >> why hasn't given up on this? that is what herbal life are saying. sort of waiting to fight this back. when this comes out or before it comes out they ma
tell you all about it. >>wesome. esome, awesome. steve: i'm theory help. -- i'm here to help. [applause]can get through this
members of his victims, as they addressed him in court, calling him a rat, a punk, even satan. steve said he wanted to strangle bulger. he challenged would 84-year-old former leader of south boston's notorious winter hill gang, to turn around and look at him. >> he took off his glasses and was going to glance over when something told him not to. maybe it was best it didn't happen that way. >> reporter: in court, david wheeler held up a photo of his father, roger, who was killed in a hit bulger ordered in 1981. he also criticized the fbi for as he put it, protecting and supervising bulger, before he went on the run for 16 years. bulger was finally captured in 2011 in santa monica. >> he kept his back turned to me, just like the fbi and justice department have turned their back to me. >> the two-hour hearing ended when the judge asked bulger if he wanted to speak. he simply said no. >> even if bulger didn't look at or address the victim's families, his attorney was affected by the raw emotion. >> i sat right next to him. saw how he responded. and i thought that was in response of the words!
starring will ferrell, steve carell, and christina applegate opens in theaters on december 20. >>> tonight, folks, we are learning just how dismal the enrollment numbers are on >> we'll have those figures in just a moment. first, here's the most important moment and the most important story from your world today in 90 seconds. >> lawmakers are asking the government's chief technology officers what could have been done to prevent a disastrous loss. >> nobody in this room believes that republicans want to fix the website. >> it is an extremely difficult drive as each mile passes, the destruction worsens. finally after four hours, we reach the eye of this storm. night falls -- one by one, grandpa greets his son. >> have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two years? >> yes, i have. >> and the counselors agree the mayor should step aside. an apology should be enough. >> i really passed up and that's it. >> there's a good chunk of the morning where it seemed like there was one accident after another. drivers sliding sideways into guardrails and into other vehicles.
clothes? is it a, style, b, designer or c price? >> our facebook friend steve wrote whatever his significant other says. >> as long as they got the suit and tie, the answer yÑ w >>> nine vehicles on fire at watkins regional park in kettering. an investigation is ongoing. who did it? >> the maryland capital park police say a stolen vehicle was dumped there and set on fire about 5:00 this morning and that fire spread to the other vehicles which are for park employees. they believe the fire was deliberately set. >>> a cold day today. breezy, not as windy as yesterday. still chilly, 45. 50s tomorrow and friday. 60s this weekend with a slight chance of showers moving in by then. >>> there's a crash on the northbound side of 395 right here before seminary roadblocking off two lanes. it is solid right now from springfield on 95. >> cbs this morning is next. >> and howard and i will be back in 25 minutes with traffic and wept are. >> you know you can always get your news, weather and traffic a whole lot more 24/7 don't forget, wusa9's facebook page. >> and on cbs this mornin
's just too dangerous. how about steve in california. >> boo-yah, jim from sunny sacramento, california. >> what's up? >> bank of america, my son told me to buy it two and a half years ago at $14 and i watched it go all of the way down to $3. what should i do with it now? >> bank of america's fine, you know? it's neither here nor there. it's not like a 3d printer and not like a biotech. it's just a bank and the bank's with the yield curve. if interest rates go up a little bit it will make more money. frankly, it's an okay stock. i can't pound the table on it either way. i'm not going to tell you to sell it. i'm not going tell you to buy it. i know. that's the equivalent of neutral, but i'm neutral on it. the year's winding down and the big guy's got to catch up where they've got to be. it's the end of the story. "mad money" will be right back. >>> coming up, crude conundrum. black gold's been on a slide, but tonight cramer's drilling down on a few oily names to extract a clear view of where they could be headed next when he heads "off the charts." and later, up, up and away? in-flight i
at a shop at me and molding south africa at the sydney steve people were killed three injured. this engine has bagged the dolls targets in the money pouring still a pawn shop fixing and rory next and see the east gate and was not yet clear what caused it. the sim card is will they eat at three in the states. imagine see it expires this anti state that's two days and even expected. the confusion came from the fact that won the state of emergency began on august the fourteenth. it was her new tutu months to september tiles. this also means that no more night time cash the government says it's waiting for the court's decision. watson. indeed it is the west country in the arab world to be a woman that's according to a pole or to gender expats by the thomson reuters foundation three is off the air spraying it is a snapshot of the state of women's rights in twenty two arab states on cd in foreign editor brought up on since high school. egypt is such an important country in the ire of local food community of the pr both. and you just cannot overstate its importance. get the picture that it is alm
shot. abc's steve osunsami has her story. >> reporter: this morning, a mother's plea for freedom. >> this is my life i'm fighting for. this is my life. and it's my life. and it's not entertainment. it is my life. >> reporter: marissa alexander, the other face of florida's controversial stand-your-ground law, telling cnn, she was defending herself, when she fired a warning shot during an argument with her husband in december 2010. >> he put his hands around my neck. >> reporter: alexander's lawyers argued she was standing her ground. the florida law that was widely discussed before the george zimmerman trial down the road in sanford. but didn't work here. the mother of three has been jailed and away from her children since february of 2011. sentenced to 20 years in prison. not for murder. but for firing into a wall at her home. >> drop all the charges! today, she'll face a florida judge once again. this time, begging him to set her free while she waits for a new trial. an appeals court ruled in september that the original judge gave the jury wrong instructions. in court papers fil
referred to as the steve jobs of automobiles. he says if he ever started another company, it might involve supersonic electric airplanes. musk says he thinks the future where just about everything will run on electric power. >> i feel confident in predicting the long-term that all transport will be 100% electric. with the ironic exception of rockets. unfortunately, there's no way around newton's law. i think people will look back on this era like we look back on the steam engine. it's quaint and, you know, we should have a few of those around in a museum. but it's not how people will drive. >> musk is also not one to back down from a fight, firing back at hollywood superstar george clooney. clooney told "esquire" magazine he used to own a tesla roadster, but complained about always be stuck on the side of the road. clooney reported lly auctioned s off for charity for $99,000. musk says the comments were needless and george clooney reported his iphone 1 had a virus in 2007. >> something else to look at, as well. we've got the full art auction get ago big boost last night. christie's bacon p
for you steve harrison says first, president clinton is correct, second, it will not affect the 2014 or 2016 elections as some have speculated. boaters forget. forget. this -- voters there is this tweet from edwin -- i agree, he should also find the entrance cubbies for canceling the insurance policies. john from tennessee, independent, what do you think? caller: what the president promises one thing, but people have a tendency to promise something and it can't follow through because of a small, little, fine print. my comment is more about the affordable care act and why they are not going after the manufacturers that make medical and charge 100 times more than the costs to make them to the hospitals and the patients. if i did something like that, i would be arrested for price gouging. why are we not going after these manufacturers for the same thing , and by bringing the price down of these devices and medication, one at that lower the cost of insurance and the cost of medical care in the country? that is all i have to say. thank you. host: john, the affordable care act did include
tennessee, distinguished member of the judiciary committee, steve cohen, two minutes. the chair: the gentleman is recognized for two minutes. mr. cohen: thank you, mr. speaker. there's one fact that's indisputable, and it's the procedure by which this particular bill came to the floor. and that's a procedure whereby the majority had three witnesses, the minority had one , and none of the witnesses were victims. there are two major asbestos victims groups. they would be the people most interested in preserving the funds for victims. the asbestos disease awareness organization and the asbestos rights campaign. one is headed up by a former ember of this house's widow, mrs. vento. her husband died of mesothelioma. the fact is indisputablely they were not allowed to testify. if this bill indeed was for the victims, the victim should have had an opportunity to testify. the chairman of the subcommittee of which i am the ranking member valiantly tried to rectify that error, mr. bachus, and allow them to testify but was overruled, and the fact is the procedure that brought this bill to t
laws among california proposition 2 passed by voters in 2000 the requiring field tests, steve king of viacom california in bed with radical animal rights groups trying to dictate foreign standards for the entire country. whig are major california export. setting california home prices flat for the fourth month in a row. machine sales prices range at an average of 3,050 last month. that is a price jump from last year of 28% but sales volume is showing a decline year-over-year. net data showing a decline in gas prices according to aaa. regular gasoline down $0.15, 335, $0.17 above the national average. $0.20 per gallon fall in rico for example, that is the west coast amended. dennis: goliath versus david. 9 broadcaster's sticking their battle against a start up to the supreme court, and details in my media minute. >> game stop on a tear this year. the stock jumping up over 100% over the last year. doubled nubile retailers even at more than doubled. fox business stock radar coming up as we look at the ten year treasury. [ male announcer ] what if a small company became big business ov
yield the floor. steve from a young age she loved to write. she would often create poems as gifts for her parents on christmas and birthdays. she would write a poem and illustrated. we have two early examples here from when she was about 10 years old. in the fall of 1950 lim bouvier entered vaux writing contest and her winning essays are self orchard in question three of the essay who were three people in history you wished you had known in the first to she mentions are the french poet and oscar wilde the author. .. >> a preview of the 2014 midterm election and former ambassador from nato followed by the preview of the summit in great britain. next, a preview of the 2014 midterm election and what nay may influence them. charles cook gives his preview a and it was hosted in washington, d.c. >> thanks very much, poppy, for that induction. you had i did well for 13 years and i was with them for 15 i must have sucked for two years. it is great to see you again. these are a lot of fun. greg and i go back upwards of 25 years and he is a good friend. we have enjoyed this association. the
's rumors out there it could be steve wynn. we don't really know. let's talk about the art market. particularly talk this morning about the art bubble. we saw you the most ever raised at auction last night. are we at a peak or beginning of this cycle? >> people have been predicting the burst of the bubble for years. the art market has proceeded una baited since 1995 when it sort of began to pick up steam. >> the crisis didn't phase hit. >> 2008 was a blip. the bubble is a many tiered market. you have this market of expensive items and a private market selling items nobody knows about. the rest of the market public and private is drafting off this limited information. it's not always clear. >> do you think these prices are real? is somebody actually paying this amount? there's so many side deals and guarantees and things that most collectors don't really moe. are these prices at the auction real? >> you have to assume they're real but also assume when you have a third of last night's sale guaranteed by the house or third party guarantors, most of that material has been gained and d
, steve and vicki from boulder, colorado, saw their 18-year-old son, simon, on "world news." >> apparently 50 kids got swept away. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: a happy ending for one american family. but for so many filipinos living in this blasted landscape, they made it so much. in five days they have seen so little still. there's no end in sight. terry moran, abc news, tacloban, the philippines. >> for those in the u.s. trying to reach loved ones in the philippines, at&t and verizon are offering free text messages and calls. at&t wireless customers are eligible for unlimited calls and texts until the end of the month. landline and uverse customers get up to 60 minutes of direct-dial calling. verizon has similar offers and many deals are retroactive to last friday. >>> two americans kidnapped by pirates off the coast of nigeria have been released and on the way home. the captain and engineer were taken off the supply vessel, the "sea retriever," three weeks ago. the state department refused to provide details but it is common practice for ransom demands to be met before they are free. >>>
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